Tumbling head first,
Into anything that’ll listen.


Autumn in Spring


Today is so cold,
My family is dying,
The morning was joy,
Until we were crying,

There is no disease,
We just gave up trying,
But, it’s no relief,
Just internal sighing.

What I Heard Today (Technology & Family (NPR))


I heard some news on the radio,
It was about parents and children,
and how they get lost behind the screen,
with family relationships frozen,

It’s not the kids with the smartphones,
It’s the parents with so much to work on,
And that’s how they miss their kids’ funny grins,
And the sounds meant to grab one’s attention,

It’s not that the parents are careless,
But our brains are just what they are,
At our heart we are limited creatures,
We can attend to so little at once,

My phone’s been dead for a while now,
And I’m the happier for it,
I’ll get around to repairing things,
Till then I’ll smell the roses,